Marquette Men’s Basketball: Predicting the Starters for 2015-16


This upcoming season, 2015-16, Marquette fans will see a true Steve Wojciechowski lineup; last year, he had to make due with a roster composed of players recruited by his predecessor, Buzz Williams. The players he inherited were recruited to play Buzz’s defensive system. As a result, Coach Wojo could not truly implement the Duke spread offense (3 out and 2 in spread) because many of the players were a bad fit for it; they lacked the proper skill set (the ability to shoot the three or create their own shot via a dribble drive).  For 2015-16, he has the players since he recruited the entire 2015 class and the returning players were the ones who fit Wojo’s mold.

At point guard, by the  start of Big East Conference play, Traci Carter will man the position. I believe it will be Traci because I trust the opinion of Delgreco Wilson, who tweeted me the following:

When Del mentions that “Traci is a better PG,” he is comparing Traci Carter to Duane Wilson. If he’s a better PG than Duane, he is a starter since Duane is the only other player on the roster who is a point guard. Delgreco’s opinions are noteworthy because he has worked with many of Philadelphia’s best basketball players. In an article written by Alan Bykowski for BrewCity Ball, Mr. Wilson said, “Traci is just a tough, tough hard-nosed Philly guard,” … “He’s a capable scorer, but I think his strongest assets are his handle, vision & passing ability. He does a very good job of pressuring ball-handlers & never backs down from a challenge.” The previous description describes a quality starting point guard.

At shooting guard, since he will not start at the point but is a very capable shooter and he can dribble drive, Duane Wilson is it. Besides, a player who Anonymous Eagle wrote an article explaining why he was one of the best freshman to ever lace them up at Marquette, has to start.  When you read the article, Duane Wilson is a perfect member for one of the ‘3 out’ spots since he is a decent 3 point shooter and he is a playmaker (offensively and defensively).

I agree with the guys who produce the Cracked Sidewalks Podcast. The third member of the ‘3 out’ is difficult to identify. Sandy Cohen or Jajuan Johnson seem to be the candidates to start. Jajuan, last year, demonstrated a knack for driving and Sandy had a knack for making the 3 point shot. Besides those two, I am tempted to pick Haanif Cheatham, who can do this:

But, more than likely, it’ll be one of the experienced guys, either Jajuan or Sandy. Right now, I will slot the more athletic of the two as the starter, Mr. Johnson.

The last two starters, the two front court players, are the easiest starters to pencil into the lineup. Last year’s starting center, Luke Fischer will man one spot while Henry Ellenson will man the other. Luke, according to KenPom is Marquette’s best returning Offensive Rating leader with a 105.2 ORtg and Henry is a McDonald’s All American. ORtg leaders and McDonald’s All Americans start for their teams. Besides, both have high basketball IQs; they are good passers and quality post players (necessary skill sets for the ‘2 in’ component of Marquette’s offense). Additionally, Henry has great range, he can shoot it from anywhere, and he can create his own shot.


The starters:

PG: Traci Carter

SG: Duane Wilson

SF: Jajuan Johnson

PF: Henry Ellenson

C: Luke Fischer

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